EVOD BCC Clearomizer

• What is EVOD BCC

The EVOD BCC, also name as EVOD Clearomizer, is 2013 newest Bottom Coil Clearomizer. The difference between CE4 / VIVI NOVA serials is that the heating coil (or atomizer head) of EVOD BCC is located on the bottom.

EVOD BCC This kind of bottom coil clearomizer can provide you excellent flavour and hit cos the heating coil and wicks are always immersed in the eliquid, which can be used with more higher voltage and never waste a drop of eliquid again.

Same as other replaceable / changeable clearomizers, the bottom part of EVOD BCC can be fully disassembled, which make it more easy to change the atomizer head. Just unscrew the head from the bottom base, and change it with a new one. Also, if you have the skills, you can even rebuild the heating coil as you wish.

There also a windowed metal tube outside which can protect it and make the whole clearomizer more attractive, there are several colors available for you to choose. Through the window, you can see the eliquid level from the transparent tank. The mouthpiece of the EVOD BCC is the made of acrylic and is permanently attached and not removeable.

The capacity of EVOD BCC tank is 1.6ml, but you are probably going to see filling capacity at around 1.8ml, it’s enough for your vaping experiences except you are a heavy vaper.

• Advantages of EVOD BCC

1: Newest Bottom Coil technology – Different with the traditional clearomizer, the heating coil of EVOD BCC is located on the bottom, which solved the burning-taste problem and provide a nice warm / larger vapor.

2: Easy to Change the Atomizer Head – If the EVOD atomizer head fails unexpectedly when the tank is filled with eLiquid, you can replace a new one easily without draining the eLiquid in the tank first.

• How to Refill EVOD BCC

The EVOD BCC is refilled from the bottom, so you need to turning the tank upside down first, and then unscrew the bottom part, then refill eliquid into the tank. Please make sure there is no eliquid flows into the middle metal tube. the fill level is top of the inner metal tube.

The image below will show the right steps to refill the EVOD BCC

refill EVOD BCC

• How to Change the Atomizer Head

evod atomizer headIt’s very easy to change the atomizer head of EVOD BCC, just unscrew the old one from the bottom base and replace it with a new one. Since you can change the atomizer head from bottom, there is no need to drain the eliquid first if the atomizer head doesn’t work when the tank is filled with eliquid, just turn the clearomizer upside down and replace it.

• EVOD BCC Upgraded by Ecigator

We have upgraded the atomizer head of EVOD BCC with Micro Coil, make it more precise. Please take a look at the picture and video below to see the performance of EVOD BCC Upgraded by Ecigator.

EVOD BCC Upgraded by Ecigator

• EVOD BCC Wholesale / OEM Service

For EVOD BCC Wholesale / OEM Business, please contact Ecigator – the electronic cigarette manufacturer from China.

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